Visible Learning at St Mary's: empowering your child for their future.

Visible learning is the foundation of learning and teaching at St Mary's. The personalisation of student learning requires a dynamic and changing environment. Children are provided with opportunities to make decisions about their own learning within a framework guided by the teachers. In this approach the importance of student voice and negotiated directions and outcomes is brought out in their personal goal setting and regular feedback undertaken between teachers and students. Teaching is targeted at student need and interest to make the process of learning enjoyable as well as fulfilling.

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St Mary's Educational Design Principles

We at St. Mary’s Thornbury-

1.    Offer the Catholic community and the people of Thornbury an educational foundation to develop the whole person;

2.    Regard and inspire each individual within our community as life-long learners

3.    Develop and maintain a positive climate where all feel safe, respected and are part of an inclusive environment that enhances learning and self development;

4.     Nurture and encourage the development of our agreed school dispositions which reflect Gospel values for lifelong learning;

5.    Skill all staff to be able to implement ‘best practice’ to deliver an informed and comprehensive curriculum through the use of analysed data, in order to ensure ongoing success;

6.    Provide effective feedback that is ongoing based on Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Goal Setting to inform future learning;

7.    Consistently sustain an awareness of expectations and procedures for behaviour management;

8.    Maintain opportunities to participate in professional dialogue in the area of teaching and learning; empower learners to take ownership of their learning; maximise collaboration in all areas of planning.