Intervention Programs

All students learn in different ways and at different levels. At St Mary’s we believe it is important to address student learning needs as soon as they arise. This could be when a child is having difficulties accessing the curriculum or behavioural problems or social problems. It could also be when they require extension.

A Pediatric Educational Psychologist assists in diagnosing and providing recommendations for the class teacher. She is employed by the school and attends fortnightly. The school also endeavours to have an integration aide attached to each level to assist the teacher in meeting student needs.

Student Support Groups for students who are funded under the Federal Government for Language needs, intellectual needs or social/emotional needs occur every term. Individual Education Plans are also devised for these students in order to explicitly address their particular learning needs. Small focus groups address language needs, motor skills and life skills across the school.

Reading Recovery is provided for at risk students in grade one and a variety of strategies are used to assist students with identified literacy strengths and weaknesses.

Numeracy Intervention provides a variety of learning opportunities for at risk students Prep to Year 4 who have been identified with specific needs in numeracy.

LLI (Levelled Literacy Invention) allows students the opportunity to work in a small group (max 4 chn) environment to further develop their skills in reading and writing. It helps to deepen and expand comprehension, increase reading volume and monitor student progress.