Assessment and Reporting

Using assessment to drive the learning and reporting to parents

As we have an Evidence-Based approach, staff are encouraged to engage with research evidence and studies that ensure that assessment practice always aims to raise student achievement.

Assessment is a process that occurs for all students and involves the combining of formative assessment and summative tasks. Formative assessment occurs during the learning, allowing the teachers and students to evaluate performance on an on-going basis. Summative assessment compares the learning from a pre-assessment to a post assessment, using a formal task.  It is not always academic. We assess elements of learning capabilities, Learning Dispositions and the well-being of the students. The students at St. Mary’s are involved in all assessment tasks, by reviewing the summative assessments, looking at their growth and next steps of learning, and having conversations around their learning on a regular basis.

We use this approach to ensure that assessment helps us to think deeply about how children are learning. Thus, we can validate their learning and ensure the reliability of the outcome statements for each and every learner at St. Mary’s.

Reporting is the process by which assessment information is communicated to help students, parents, and teachers to make decisions about where the student was, what the student knows and can do now, and together view future learning opportunities. 

Reporting to parents about student learning progress happens throughout the year. Student learning is regularly shared through the Seesaw app, which parents can download onto their phones. This allows students to take photos of their work, upload videos and explain what they learned. This helps them to celebrate their successes in the moment. 

In addition, formal reporting involves two written reports (midyear and end of year), student-led conversations and parent teacher conferences. Parents are encouraged to make appointments with the teachers to discuss their child’s learning as needed.