Principal’s Message

St Mary’s is a community of learners who come together to grow and learn together, we support and encourage each other to be the best we can be and endeavour to live in the image of Christ with Mary as our guide. Our school has a long and proud history, which we honour and build upon as we welcome new members to our school community. Evidence Based Learning is our focus. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience success in a supportive environment.

St Mary’s is a place of educational excellence and we strive to ensure that every child experiences success in all that they do. We provide many opportunities for a solid foundation to skill children for future learning.

Children at St. Mary’s receive a well rounded education that enhances their growth as a whole person.

At St Mary’s parents are highly valued as the first educators of their children and it is our goal to work in partnership to support families in the education of their children. Parents are encouraged and supported to participate in the life of the school and in a wide variety of ways. As a school we are constantly striving to increase the opportunities for parent involvement and to improve our communication between home and school.

We endeavour to prepare children for the challenges of life in an ever changing world. It is my hope, prayer and wish that we in partnership with you, provide our children an education that leads them to question, to think, to motivate and inspire so that they have the ability to make a contribution to our society.

Amanda Gill

St Mary’s Primary School Acting Principal