Parent and Community Involvement

We aim to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment, through real and practical initiatives that support parents as the primary educators of their children. This in turn enables authentic connections between members of the school community.

Parent Support

Parent participation is encouraged at St Mary’s School. We welcome our families’ assistance as classroom helpers, on excursions, in fund-raising and in other aspects of school life. We acknowledge parents as the first educators of their children and encourage parent participation in school life. Taking an active interest in your child’s education is the most valuable form of parent involvement. We are constantly looking for ways to build the partnerships between home and school, and welcome your feedback and suggestions as to how we can be a better community.

Parents and Friends Association

All parents are considered to be part of the Parent and Friends Association. There are many formal and informal opportunities for parents to participate, including both social and fund raising events.

An important feature of the Association is the opportunity to become acquainted with one another and grow in friendship. Through the support of the Parents’ Association, the school enjoys amenities and equipment which could not otherwise be purchased. The school welcomes and encourages all families to participate within the life of our school community.