Additional programs St Mary’s offers

At St Mary’s we offer a number of extra curricular programs that complement our school curriculum that are run by trained professionals.

  • Extra Curricular activities
    At lunch times many of our teachers run extra curricular activities (staggered at different times over the year).
    Some of these include, opening up the Library, Lego Club, Maths Games, Pad group, kareoke, movie club just to name a few!
  • Tri Skills Australia
    Tri Skills is a Dance/Gymnastics Program run by Tri Skills Australia. It offers students the opportunity to learn and practice Dance and Gymnastic skills. The dance component encourages students to follow routines to music and be creative in the way they express themselves through dance. In Gymnastics, students work on developing their balance and fundamental movement.
  • Interschool sports
    Children are able to be involved in many sporting opportunities that include cross country, athletics, basketball, netball, volleyball, soccer and swimming.
  • Year 6 Retreat 
    Our Year 6 Retreat is linked to the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Year 6 students explore the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they influence us to be better people. The students explore different Religious Figures and how they were called to Mission to help others.
  • Year 5/6 Camp
    A camp is run each year and provides extra opportunity for children in team building and physical activity. Students are exposed to new experiences and are given the opportunity to develop Independence and Risilience. The camps are run at various locations with last years camp taking place in Canberra.